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Shandong Letai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

Address:Mountain Tai Youth’s

                  Career DevelopingZone

                   in Tai’an city, 

                  Shandong province 

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Company Profile  

            Shandong Letai Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located at the foot of the  Mountain Tai. Main product is stainless steel sheet container for foodstuff industry. We have rigorous, pragmatic and efficient management team, good creative and experienced design talent , experienced and skilled manufacturing, construction skilled workers. 

            Letai’s stainless steel sheet containers for foodstuff industry are applied specialized TIG welding technology. All welds of the containers are polished and acid passivation. They have many advantages such as beautiful appearance, clean and hygienic, light weight, low cost, easy maintenance and so on. Letai’s stainless steel sheet containers for foodstuff industry are widely used in Wine, food, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceutical, biochemical, condiment, starch sugar and other industries. Letai has cooperated with the leading companies of various industries,such as Fortune Food (China) Co. Ltd,COFCO biochemical energy (Gongzhuling) Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xiwang Group , etc. We designed and manufactured a number of sets of high-quality thin-walled stainless steel sanitary equipments for them. 

            We have a close cooperation with Hebei Lekai Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., which is the sole provided of injection grade anhydrous glucose pharmaceutical technology in China. We undertake the role manufacturing base of its sugar alcohol’s high-end technology and equipment. Letai provided Crystalline maltose, ISO maltose, injection grade anhydrous crystalline glucose products’ vibration fluidized bed drying units and other producing equipments for Liaoning Yihaijialidierles starch Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Xiangrui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and other famous enterprises successively. 

            Meanwhile, Letai closely around the theme of energy conservation and environmental protection, is carrying out energy-consulting of corn’s deep processing ,and other projects. 

            Sincerely welcome friends from all sectors to guide Letai. Let us hand in hand, to create a better tomorrow together.